Family Online Mediation and Arbitration Service

The Family Online Mediation and Arbitration Service (FOMAS) makes alternative dispute resolution in family law available to everyone, regardless of the issues surrounding their dispute and their personal circumstances.

We achieve this by having a nationwide network of expert lawyers, mediators, private ‘judges’ and arbitrators, all with a wide range of specialist skills and experience.

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The Pathway to Resolution Plan

We believe it is important that people are aware of all the options available to them when looking to resolve their family dispute, this is why we created the Pathway to Resolution Plan. Following an initial appointment that is carried out at the same time as a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting, usually referred to as a MIAM. We will provide a plan that shows the potential route you could take through mediation, early neutral evaluation and arbitration. It could be one of these options or a mixture of all options depending your issues and personal circumstance.

The estimated timescale and cost of the pathway plan will also be discussed with you and your solicitor so that you can make a decision on whether you wish to pursue the pathway plan or take your case through the court system.


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What are the advantages of ADR?

There are many benefits to using Alternative Dispute Resolution including:

1 Timescale

As the process is not reliant on court timetables and availability, ADR can be much quicker, in fact some methods of ADR can result in settlement being agreed in as little as 6-8 Weeks.

2 Choice of ‘Judge’

Divorcing parties can actually choose who will oversee their negotiations and settlement, ensuring that they are relevant for the key issues in your dispute.

3 Costs

By reducing the time spent in resolving the dispute, this can significantly reduce the amount of legal fees spent on inter party correspondence.

5 Wellbeing

The court process can inflict unnecessary stress and emotional harm on separating couples and their children. It can also turn a fairly amicable situation into a more contentious legal battle.

6 Privacy

All ADR processes are strictly private and confidential, no one outside of the process has access to the outcome of the settlement award.

7 Flexibility

As the process is driven by the separating couple, the process can be paused or sped up at anytime if their circumstance change. It also allows for parties to have their issues heard outside of normal court hours, ideal for international clients or those work irregular hours.

In Partnership with International Arbitration Centre

Thanks to our partnership with International Arbitration Centre, we can offer the use of a bespoke ‘made for purpose’ ADR suite in The Centre of London, just a short walk from the Central Family Court and The Royal Courts of Justice. This facility is class leading and benefits from the latest technology for hosting physical and semi-virtual Private FDRs, Early Neutral Evaluations and Arbitrations.


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AirCrowd is a digital technology platform which is truly transformational in delivering an end-to-end digital legal experience for barristers.  To register interest email



Cloud-based case technology for family lawyers. Digitally build, search, work against, collaborate, review, share & bundle all your case documents in one secure platform. Any time, anywhere.


h2o digital

We work closely with you to understand your needs. Then we use our technical know-how to deliver a solution that exceeds your expectation.


Integrated Dispute Resolution

Legal practitioners need to obtain the fairest result for their clients and lawyers may need to be supported by a range of quality professionals. The IDR Network brings together a multitude of specialisms. All of our network partners have a proven track record and verified references.


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